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Adrenaline excursions for oratory groups

An adrenaline filled outing for oratories

Let us not forget about nature and ourselves! Our adventure courses are also available for collective activities aimed at oratories, summer clubs and scout groups What better way for children and teenagers to enjoy some activities in the open air!

Within the Lonato Adventure Park, near Lake Garda, oratory groups can enjoy a day outdoors, and have an area entirely reserved for them. One of the benefits of having a designated section is that it is easier to manage a large group of students or children with a minimal amount of staff. The children will therefore be under the watchful eyes of the entertainers. Tournaments and team games can be organized, as the groups can also make use of the La Quiete Aquatic Park’s sports fields and swimming pools.

The tree top Adventure Courses are entirely safe and secure, and risk free. Your safety is of paramount importance to us, and you will benefit from our first class safety equipment, including CLIC-IT carabiners, harnesses and certified anti-fall systems; our qualified instructors will also accompany you on this adventure, so all you have to do is concentrate on having fun whilst feeling fully protected.

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